got pulled iam

well today i got puleld in lee green for no insurance. my payment was surpose 2 go in last night but never did so cos i work real early set out on bike got pulled in lee green all ok aprt from insurance e bike insurance never told me that payment never went in althou cash was there. so after a long time in lewisham nick i got out in after noon. i just wondering iam defo gonna get banned aint i??? i been riding since 8 and always ligit just ebiek me up how hard is it 2 send a email saying it cancelled as i always cheak it every iam dofo gonna geta find and banned??? advive plz ps. sorry for bad typo iam pissed as iam depressed now and lb mods sorry for bad swearing

hang on just cos money didnt go in dont mean ya not covered, does it?

you normally renew way b4 previous yrs runs out.

speak to ins company see wot they say.

Are you on ebike monthly insurance? If so, the money is taken from your credit card by Worldpay (I think)and is done auto every month unless you ask ebike to stop the insurance… They always send a mail warning that the policy is about to lapse a few days in advance. Don’t know how they do it on an annual policy.

You can log onto ebike anytime to check the status of your policy…wouldn’t have thought you’d get a ban if it’s your first time;)

Ouch, bad situation to be in.

No valid insurance is a 6 point offence.

if the police really believe your story and it is true and you can give evidence to confimr i am usre that the police and even the courts wont be too harsh…

just make sure you have the proof to back up your story…

6 points and a hefty fine is what you will get…

dont mean to be harsh but its up to you to make shure your paper work is in order not your insurance company…

mainly coz all they want is your cash, they havent got your interests at hart!!

hope they go easy on you dude, its a pain coz they points will jack up you premium…

I think you will struggle to get the Courts to believe you…This is what ebike do even if they haven’t been paid. They do not just stop the insurance without very fair warning.:wink:

We have received notification from WorldPay that your due monthly payment for your ‘Pay As You Go’ Insurance has failed despite 3 attempts to collect it.

There are several reasons why the payment may have failed, the most common reasons are:

1 - Change of card details due to card expiring or being lost/stolen.

If you need to change your card details to continue the Insurance please update them immediately on the WorldPay website

Should you encounter any problems changing the card details, please refer to the FAQ section on the WorldPay website or contact us on the number listed below.

2 - Lack of available funds/card limit reached.

Firstly, please ensure that funds are available in your account.

Secondly, you will need to log in to your FuturePay agreement and re-enter your card details under ‘change payment details’. This will then ensure your agreement will automatically re-attempt to collect payment again overnight.

Please note that if payment is not successfully collected by Wednesday 30th April 2008 then we will cancel your policy as detailed in your last renewal letter.

Insurance no longer required?

If you no longer require Insurance cover, please let us know by replying to this email and we will cancel the policy for you.

If you require any further assistance please contact us by either replying to this email or call our Customer Services Team on 0870 300 8867, lines are open from 09.00 to 17.00 (Mon – Fri).


Get all the paperwork, emails etc anything that you can to show you have been paying , when you pay, how you pay etc, to prove that you werent just riding around willy nilly with no insurance whatsoever, but that this was an innocent lapse. Not sure this will help, but its worth a go, no?


Please see below got this off their website:

If you cancel your Pay As You Go policy before the payment due date - but without canceling your payment agreement or giving us 5 days notice to do this on your behalf - the payment will still be collected automatically but will be refunded back to your card.
•Should you advise us to cancel your agreement within the 5 day notice period, please note that we will not be responsible for any bank charges incurred.

You may cancel this Policy at any time by logging on to your policy and returning the Certificate of Motor Insurance.

If im reading the above right it would appear that either was the payment should have been taken. Clearly you haven’t canceled your policy so the problem my be with your bank. Its a mistake made not by you but a problem with a payment system, a reasonable defence i would have thought. Hope it all gets sorted mate.

Exactly, Its down to the rider, So you better just pray they go easy! The ins company situation sounds well fishy! Did you not get no fresh docs in the post?:ermm:

Exactly, Its down to the rider, So you better just pray they go easy! The ins company situation sounds well fishy! Did you not get no fresh docs in the post?

Ebike are OK I’ve found…They send out fresh docs every month and you can download them from the web even before they arrive in the post. They never cancel without warning (see earlier post).

I’m kinda thinking it must be down to the rider rather than insurance company or bank…Even if payment is refused they will try several times THEN warn that your insurance will be cancelled in X number of days.

Sorry OP, I know this isn’t what you want to hear but hope they go easy on you:)

You don’t ride a BMW do ya ? :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t ride a BMW do ya ?

Insurance Companies are not responsible for notifying you of a cancellation if you don’t have the funds to pay for the policy. It’s purely down to them being nice if they send you warning.

One situation they do have to warn you about is if they don’t receive your proof of no claims from either yourself or your last Insurance Company. If they cancel your policy and you’ve not received warning then you are protected by the law and the insurance company will be held liable.

The problem with your situation m8, is you’re responsible for ensuring the payment goes through and the policy continues. If however you can prove that the insurance company took the money but didn’t update the system then they can be held liable. It’s up to you whether you want to fight it or not, but if not you’re looking at 6 points and £200 fine. That ain’t including the amount you need to pay to get the bike out of a vehicle pound. Did it get seized? If so, where did they take it and have you already collected it?

If they’ve taken it to Charlton or Perivale, you’ll need to supply the staff with both parts of your UK licence, valid ins certificate that’s been sent through the post, and V5. They won’t accept faxes or email of ins…as for private pounds…no idea, they’re a law upon themselves. You’re also looking at £105 restoration fee and £12 a day storage that starts at noon the day after the vehicle was booked into the pound.

Anyone here got a policy that covers 12 months but they only pay over 10 months? Be warned, there’s occasionally a system error that cancels your policy after the 10th month because it doesn’t show an 11th month payment so automatically thinks the policy has to be cancelled. This inturn shows up on PNC (Police National Computer) as Ins not held which is when you’ll get stopped by the Police.

There’s a website that is contected to the Motorists Insurance Database and gives the same info as PNC by stating whether a vehicle is on the database or not.

I check all of my vehicles every couple of weeks because I don’t trust the system.