Got owned by a car this morning

What a joke i finished rebuilding my dads bike last night with the fresh panels took it out this morning, filtering through traffic.

I saw a car up ahead no indicator on i was at the rear quater of it when she just snapped the streering to the right i went to go around had no chance went along the doors.

Got spat off and landed on my butt/back. Its not bad my back protector done its job just lower back pain at the moment.

Im heart broken as the bike was spottless being taken to my dad like it was xmas. Forks are slightly twisted no biggy and abit of paint damage so ill get them resprayed.

Renntec engine crash bars are the nuts so is forcefield back protection they are now fully tried and test lol

****! really sorry to hear about it especially with the work done on it. at least your ok and its just a little bit of pain. best to get yourself fully checked out though if you haven’t done already

Cheers dude ill see how my day goes at work just making loads of phone calls getting everything sorted, booked in to get the paint sorted on tuesday need to hear from rss see what they say as its third party basic when i ride other peoples bike

Unlucky dude, dodgy driver…what did they say SMDSY?

feel for you mate, hope you and bike make a speedy recovery


Her first words were i was indicating. Then a witness said no you wasnt and its not even on now. When the cops turned up she turned it on.

I was on the zig zags filtering at a small junction she didnt look so both screwed really

Sorry to hear this, hope you get better soon and the bike gets fixed. This has happened to me several times before, like this time.

go to hospital you little git.

ill see how it goes nothing is serious ive got abit of a bruise and aches but thats it.

Sorry to hear about this.

Why did she suddenly turn, were you overtaking with a junction on the right?

I know she should have been indicating, but you have to be aware of where cagers can turn.
I never overtake where there are side roads or lay-bys that a car could turn into.

Dont mean this as a negative towards your incident by the way - more highlighting what to look out for.

Hope you get it all sorted soon fella, and fingers crossed her insurance company accepts all liability.

Hope it’s not to bad matey.

really bad luck and hope all is fixed up asap… your dad will just have to be a little more patient before he gets his wheels back…

dude, from my Bikesafe I was told it is perfectly legal to filter on the zig zags. what is not legal is to overtake the car at the front of the cue (at the crossing or intersection where the zig zags are) if it is stationery or moving.

so if this car was not at the front of the cue and suddenly pulled out into your path, then it is their fault… in my view anyhoo. what do legal boffins on here think?

As an accident investigator who has tp look at these types of cases on an almost daily basis and who advises solicitors on liability and points of road traffic law, I have to say that it would be wrong to make any comment on liability without first seeing the evidence.

Generally filtering is not an issue in respect of liability as the driver turning has a statutory duty of care to ensure it is safe before changing position or turning.

However, if it is that close to a right hand junction, then there may be a degree of what is called contributory negligence.

To make an instant judgement in these types of cases are wrong but in any case difficult without knowing all the facts and seeing the evidence.

Sorry to hear that…

I had another close one the other day…some loon in a Merc:

Its being taken care of by rss all parties have been informed and a flood of paperword is on its way.

In the mean time i have a docs appointment and an estimate to get done.

If mirrors, blind spot and indicators were used then this would of been a different story

Sorry to hear this m8. I hope you make a full recovery and don’t end up with a 50/50 and she pays the majority of it…silly cow!

I’d offer that evidence to Police m8, providing you weren’t speeding that is, and let them pay a visit to the Keeper of the Merc.

Dave and I had been away at the weekend on the bikes and were heading over to the sitters in the car to collect the dog when I had some twat come speeding up behind me in a 40mph. He tried to over take me on the roundabout and then continued to sit on my back bumper down the next 40 limit. I flashed the brake lights and he immediately started to give ME abuse! He then over took me in the 30mph, narrowly avoiding an oncoming car and steamed off down the road at well over 60. He even ran the red light for the pedestrian crossing, thankfully the person was already half way across onto the other side. Hopefully the guy will wrap his car around a tree one day and only hurt himself.

Sorry to hear this.

Perfect timing as well…:crazy:

Get well soon. At least no more cans were opened.

I only started speeding when he went mad and thought it was best I vacate the area pretty quick…:wink:

sorry to read this mate hope ya ok, this is one reason i dont bother filtering any more. ya just have to look at em when ya overtake their in their own little world… may be like i always say its time any box driver causes an incident like this then they should be made to take a bike awareness course were they should be made to ride pillion on the back of a bike to see our perspective, failling that I think its time that before your even allowed to take a Car test you have to have ridden and passed a motorbike one and have ridden fo 6 months to a year.

Give it to the Police then! :smiley: