Got my Yosh System

Finally got hold of a full system. Bought it off of ebay. Just need to polish up the headers for it to look as good as new! Fairings are at the sprayers and will collect end of june when I get paid. Frame, wheels, swinger are all black, and I have bought a whole host of goodies for the bike. Those that remember my TL will hardly recognise it when I put it back together and ready to ride for the end of june.

Here is a pic of the full yosh


I was thinking of bidding on that if it’s the same one but I wasn’t sure if it would fit the R.

I bought mine off of a guy that had a TLR. he bought it from a Guy with a TLS. Have not got it fit yet but I can’t wait. Been off of the bike for so long now!!


Topcat (Tlzone and LB member) has picked up His TLR. We went to York to collect on Sunday.

Nice one mate.

They look sweet. Are they alluminum?

I’ve notice that the titanium downpipes weight nothing compared to the standard ones, and also you save some weight with the mufflers too… now fir an open air filter and a power commander and you’re ready to go

I’m still thinking in fitting an exhaust to mine… i’m racing with the standard exhaust

No need for a Power Commander.

Get Steve Jordon to Remap the std ECU.

Save a fortune, same result