Got my test tomorrow - any tips?


Doing my bike test tomorrow, any tips. I’m struggling a bit with the U turn, I can do it most of the time just when it goes wrong it and I fall apart. :w00t:



Keep your head up and don’t touch the front brake!

(guess who got a minor for that in his test :stuck_out_tongue: )

Welcome firstly.

I struggled with the U-ey until i remembered to look about 20’ farther ahead (down the kerb) as you go past halfway round. Makes balance so much easier.

Good luck!

try not to pull in the clutch as you turn right as itll drop the power and cause you to put you put down if you go too slow (kept doing it in my test last year)

I do tend to go for the front brake when it all goes wrong hence the lovely bruises on my legs when the bikes gone over on me three times!!!:hehe:

No tips - ain’t done my test yet :smiley:

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Do a search on here, it been covered before many times… bits I remember - don’t look at the kerb, build up momentum before turning, use the rear brake if necessary but not the front, reasonable amount of revs and control with the clutch, and relaxation !

no great tips from me but good luck with the test

I did mine last September - found shifting my butt to the left a little on the seat helped too!

Good luck for today! :slight_smile:

Good luck. On the U-turn, put your faith in the clutch and let it out if you feel your foot going down. It was one of my penny-dropping moments when I was going through the training/test. And then, once you’ve done it, don’t be so relieved your concentration lapses for the rest of the test. Oh, and if you need it or not, ask the examiner for a few seconds to gather your thoughts after the U-turn, it’ll kill some time.

Firstly good luck -

Only tip i can give you is just practice some before you go to test. Relax…i passed mine in Jan after failing on the U-turn in December. Now i look back and think god i was so so nervous no wonder i failed first time.

Let us know how you get on - hope to hear some good news.


From what I can remember of my U turn, look where where you want to go and that’s where the bike will steer. Drag the back brake a little as well to help with stability, oh and don’t think too much about it just do it. It’ll be over in a flash, good luck :smiley:

Welcome and good luck.

Relax, breath and believe in yourself.

Let us know the good news later.




Yea, if you relax, you’ll enjoy it more.
It will come - and the sense of accomplishment is great :D:D:D

Good luck!!! (if it’s not too late to say it)

Good luck…

take a few deep breaths, relax and go with the flow

Don’t drop it! :w00t:

You’ll be fine - just relax, show some confidence, and that’ll make the examiner comfortable. Once he’s comfy, he’ll be more forgiving :wink:

Good luck…

As said - relax…

Uturn… plenty of revs… use the clutch and back brake… just let both out as needed… You’l fail for putting your foot down anyway - so if you feel its gonna stack it, then let rip with the revs and make the turn! what i had to do on mine when i nearly dropped on test!! lol

When doing the turn, just keep looking round the corner… will help a lot.

Check you dnt leave your indicators on.

lifesavers - make them obvious.

He will normally park up - tell you to go round the block before coming back along to do the emergency stop… If he does - chill out o your unsupervised lap - he cant see you so i chilled out - recomposed myself and got ready for the rest of the test…

Lastly… hillstart - you are not gonna be penalised for too many revs… (dnt redline it tho)… but will if you stall it… so dont be afraid of making a little noise.

Good luck - and let us know how you get on!

Any news???