Got my plates stolen on Thursday

Well, thats when I noticed it. propably have been driving around few days without number plates.

On Friday cops called and said two bikes somewhere outside London has been seen driving with those plates. Bikes colours where black, so they knew it wasnt my bike. Lets just hope I dont start receiving penalty notices.

I got new plates from Honda Chiswick for £11.50. luckily Halfords didnt have number 6 sticker otherwise would have paid £14.50. So Honda is not all too bad.

I decided to superclue the plate bolts on, so that its hard to get them of without drilling the bolt :stuck_out_tongue: Make the f***ers work next time if they try to get my plates.

Anyone any better fastening solutions?

I’ve got a vague recollection of someone selling tamper proof fasteners for number plates, but google has failed me… I’m sure I can’t have imagined it though…

I get custom ones from ebay for £9.

blimey, they’re £7.50 now!

A pop rivet and a dab of yellow paint?

Why would you steal plates if it isn’t going to match the (stolen?) bike you are putting them on? :S

I guess these were stolen for some boyracer’s bedroom garage.

My plates were stolen earlier on the year. Probably because I had manufacturer logo bolts on the number plate.

It’s not worth supergluing your plate. If they want it that badly, they’ll steal it. If they can’t, then they might just key your bike fairings or push it sideways instead.

Maybe park somewhere more noticeable, or use a bike cover with eyelets to lock down between the rear wheel spokes…

Unless I’m mistaken - it doesn’t matter whether it matches or not - it’ll only be on the nicked bike long enough to ride it to their hideout to ship it out/strip it down.

If your bike was nicked and you caught them 30 seconds too late/watched them ride down the street - you’d get straight onto the police and say “registration A123 BCD has been robbed” - and there is a hope it’d be picked up on CCTV or whatever. If however, the plates had been changed, you’d have to rely on a bobby being in the area to give chase.

Ah, so these bikes are not being ridden around town like normal. Understood.

Bit dim of me ! haha

They also not road legal… they’re show plates…

Exactly and they dont even need to steal the plates… they just need someone to give them the details… and then they make up plates, it helps if the vehicle/bike is the same model and colour as it’s less likely to create any suspicion.

how so? it’s the same reg that’s on my tax disk and reg document?

Because it must of a certain size, a particular font, the makers name and postcode, must be over two lines. The list of requirements for a legal number plate is very long.

oh bum. well I went for the standard size plate and font etc. I’ll check it out thanks

All the cool kids ride with Chiswick Honda plates.