Got my mug in a Mag!!

Check out p76 of this month’s Ride - the one with the survey supplement. I’m the clip in the waterproof in the group shot.

It’s from a weekend oop north with my mates, and one of them sent a feature to Ride about the second day.

Pity, as it was mostly motorway, 2 of the lads didn’t make it, and all but Chris continued down the M6 home!

He should’ve put day1’s route in which was awesome, based around the borders and North Yorkshire.

Check it out on my site to get a taste of what the NE has to offer bikers. Must go back soon.


FAME… !!!

lol, nice. I’m thinking of doin a route similar at some point in time…


Well done, it looks really nice! I bet you had loads of fun

I’ll be signing autographs this weekend …

Hopefully not for the plod Andrew!

dunno , if they ask nicely…

I reckon we got a good bunch of coppers down these parts. Never a prob with visors or exhausts.