Got my license!!!! :-)

Hey All,

Completed my DAS course last week with Croydon Motorcycle Training, MOD 1 was on Thursday and MOD 2 was on Friday and passed them confidentially.

Now time to shop for a bike :slight_smile:

I must admit, the training I had was what got me through it all, if anyone has any questions just ask whilst its still fresh in my mind.

Looking forward to getting on the road alone now…

Well done on passing your test!

Take it easy when you get the new bike - it takes a while to develop the self preservation 6th sense - and your confidence will build faster than that!

Just in time for the summer - nice!

Excellent news.

Cheers, I think I will just ride it like car at first :slight_smile:

Congrats :slight_smile:

Way to go!

Well done mate - take it easy and enjoy the weather!

Many congratulations - what’s on your options list for a new bike?

well done

Just looking at something along the lines of a hornet, street triple etc but going to have a look around. Did my DAS on a brand new Hornet and really liked them, nice to ride and feels like I wouldnt get bored of it in a while.

I’d go for the Speed Triple, it’s currently on my wish list if I chop in the Beemer.

Ask for Westie - Matt Dawson at North City Triumph for a test ride.

Nice one cheers…

I read they are really torquey but comparing them to the Hornet there is hardly anything in it on paper.

Also the Triumphs are quite alot more in ££££ too.

Congrats mate. Have a play on the insurance comparison sites before deciding (unless £ no object)
The difference between something nice & shiney or something sensible but perfectly acceptable, can be substantial.

Thanks for the advice, I will do that.

Well done

I agree check the insurance out first on all your choices.

Well done mate, see you on one of the ride outs no doubt :slight_smile: