Got my kneeeeeee down at last

well after x amount of trackdays ive finally managed to get my knee down clearways druids paddockhill every where, heres two of me trying out for the 1 handed knee down massive , what you reckon ratty can i join now lol heres some pics sue took of me tonight at brands , im sooooo :cool:pleased

Well done!

Looks great.

Awe-----some!!! :smiley:

Life will never be the same. You will never look at a roundabout the same way again. :frowning:


knee downs are scary enought but one handed - are you CrAzY??? haha

gotta love it though, when im a bit more confident i might try that 1!!:slight_smile:

Good form mate, nice one. Brands is a gem for it.

Nice pics!

Well done :D:D

Finding the apex is another good trick :slight_smile:


why of course fella!!:smiley:

good to see you getting it down…good body postion too you look comfertable…so is it hat hard? c’mon tell me it isnt is it;):cool:

how are you finding it effects your riding>? for better or worse round the track?


Me jealous, no way. Ok a little bit, maybe even more then just a little bit :P.

Well done mate and great pictures.

I’m gonna have to try harder at Lydden next saturday :hehe:

Once i got my head round the fact i could actually lean off the bike round the corners it was easy like you said, i was even getting me knee down round paddock hill then druids then clearways i couldnt stop and yes my lap times actually improved there was a girl on an r1 who was being timed by her friends 54’s i managed to catch her up from 12 bikes in front and over take her round druids with my knee down , i didnt once have a scary moment, like i did before i got my kd i even managed to do it round graham hill and the left at the end of the back straight before flicking right into clearways , the body postioning and riding technics i learnt fromm css really helped , the fastest i could get round the indy circuit before the kd was 59’s having my arms lower helped dramaticaly with counter steering as i wasnt pushing down on the bars or pushing the bike half as hard as i used to , not so sure ill try it on road roundabouts like you (nutter) disel spills and all that , so yes it really helped my riding for the better cant wait to do another trackday , aint got one booked untill the 29th sept with PB at brands ,

i wouldn’t of been able to do it if it werent for your suggestions about body postioning tho’ Ratty :wink:

And bazzer if i can do it anyone can!!

Great pics :smiley:

great pictures Si!

It was only a matter of time old chap, its funny but you’ll look back on it now and wonder what all the fuss was about… :wink:

lol, mean, but funny :wink:

kooooool skool, really>? intresting, i’m told it slows you down:w00t: not that i belive it;) prob less scary moments because your hanging off so biek is less leant over, and your using a more of the tyre ie a better contact patch because of the hanging off, KD is a gauge…remember that!

ah roundabouts are for wimps mate, the lanes is where its at…:smiley:

good too hear your felling the KD way man…hooked for life now!!:w00t::w00t::smiley:

well done :smiley:

Nice one! Where do you think you were going wrong when you tried it before then? Not that I’m in any way trying to do this myself, oh no, not me…:slight_smile:

just not positioning my self properly on the bike look at this rider then you get the idea, for me it was just having the confidence to hang off more than i was , arms level with tank arse off seat and it just happend:)


It’s just the finest feeling isn’t it? :slight_smile: