Got me a weather station

Wanted one for years and this Christmas I finally got one. With all the outdoor wireless senders and a screen full of data.

I can now confidently predict “It’s a bit breezy and I think it’s going to rain tonight or tomorrow”.

A triumph of digital technology over … er … stepping outside and looking?

The dedicated LB weather man. You should make daily updates and put them on youtube for us :smiley:

A weather station and has been a great solution for me for the last few years.

I predicted a lot of wind over the past 3 days and I have been right.

Overdone it on the sprouts

I did toy with the idea of getting one of those as I love gadgets, but after much thought I decided the only things I need to know are the outside temperature (so I know how many layers to wear) and minimum temp over the past few hours (to be warned of possibility of icy roads).

Bought this one from Clas Ohlsen in Croydon for under £4; does the job nicely.

I am a bit jealous though of all the extra tech you’ve got in your weatherstation :crazy: is about half a mile from where I live and has been invaluable the last few winters when it is worth knowing before you leave the central London, whether the roads are rideable in south London.