got caught!!

Hey all, just opened my post & it seems that i got my first speeding offence. at first i didnt understand as the reg wasnt mine but now realize that it was a rental bike that i got the day after i past my test…

they want me to give name & stuff of the driver of the alleged offence sooooo…

do i fess up (as i think i have to) or can i get out of it?

oh yeah!! how much is the fine & do i get points for this?

must excuse my lame ? but i am new to this …HE HE!

Cheers all…

That’s a good question. I got one of those too but I’m not sure if I was on my bike on that day??? What should I do? why didn’t they send a photo with it? The letter says i was 40 on a 30 zone, but on my scooter? It does go 40 but downhill, lol

Usually you will get 3 points and a £60 fine. Although you won’t know until you fess up.

Points etc will depend on what speed you were caught at and in what speed zone. If they are not taking you to court for it I would suggest its 3 points and £60 fine.

If you are not sure that it was you, ask for the evidence.

Mine is an “Intention of prosecussion” letter…

Same here…

Excess speed in 40 limit…A3 west hill tibbets u-pass…

It does say that it can be supported with technical & vid evidence…

i think if i get six points within 2 years of passing my test it back to doing my test…???

Its true if you get six points for anything with in two years you’ll have to re-do your test. I have another eight months of behaving . Not sure but was told that i would have to do car test again and I have had that licence for 16 years !

The New Drivers Act (6 point Rule) is only applicable to new drivers … I’m sure that this has been explained here before !

So, If you passed your Car Test years ago and have just done the Bike test the 6 point rule does NOT apply to you.

It is only from the pass date of your first full licence (whether it be car or bike) for 2 years.

I am in play for it as I don’t drive a cage and only passed my DAS in March.

Some interesting info here:

At the end of the day though, you’re prob’ly best off just coughing up the 60 nuggets and bagging the 3 points.

Good luck though still.

yeah i know…

dont mind the 60 bucks & im gonna have to fess up but tits the 3 points…half my limit…

the scary thing is this happened nearlly two months ago…

& im now worried that im gonna get a shit load more since getiing my bike…

dont get me wrong, im not a speed freak (yet) & i dont condone speeding (cough cough) & i try to stick to the limit but as you know it happens & a few mph over your gonna get a fine…

just have to wait & see… might have to dig out the BMX HE HE!

Kempo, are you saying you just got the notice of intended prosecution and the speeding took place 2 months ago? If that is the case I do believe it is a tad late. Someone will need to confirm this but I believe there is time limitation on sending out posecution letters.

It’s a rental bike, so the notice would have gone to the rental company first. They’ve obviously then given the renter’s name and address to whoever issued the ticket.

A bit difficult for you to say you weren’t the rider, as you would then have breached your rental agreement by letting a stranger ride the bike. Probably not much the rental company can do about it, though.

Realistically looking, I can’t see a way out, especially as it is a rental bike, it’s not as if you were selling it and had loads of people test riding it.

Good bit of reading there tonupkid…mmmm!lets see!

i thought of a way to get out of this but could do with a bit of advice…not gonna explain it on here coz that would be just stupid dumb…

when a cam takes a pic what does it pick up?

in other words, can it prove thats its the registered rider?

then drink copious amounts of alcohol.

Re the time frame? The police have 14days to issue the NIP but that would be to the registered owner. Not the person who rented it.

"when a cam takes a pic what does it pick up?

in other words, can it prove thats its the registered rider?"

No. Thats why they need the rider to incriminate his/herself by signing the form and saying “twas me twas me”. Makes it easier for them. They aint gotta do no proving then.

Think this is the point where a good solicitor starts going for loopholes when it gets to court, such as full prosecution evidence (ie. photograph) not being disclosed to the client, or, client not being informed of his rights at any point, etc…prob’ly.

Hope you can find a get out mate.

Dare i say pace letter,…didnt work 4 me but might for u…

MSN ran an item few weeks ago with a get out letter, they have it printed on their web site, apparently by law u dont have to imcrinimate urslf and theres a letter that u can use to try and get out of it. Search the MSN web site - its oin there sumwhere.

just dont fill it out, i know many people that have got away with speeding by not filling it out the courts do not have enough time to chase them all up, you may just get lucky

If the Registered keeper is not the driver, he should complete, sign and return the NIP naming the driver. Then, when the named driver subsequently receives their NIP, they may wish to use the following procedure.

However, if the Registered Keeper was driving at the time of the alleged offence, there is nothing preventing them from completing a similar witness statement.

This is the letter, best to check the MSN site and maybe a solicitor b4 u use it.

It is advisable to write on the blank and uncompleted NIP/S172 notice only the following words: “Please see the attached” - then attach it to the following statement and return them both via Special Delivery.

(C.J. Act 1967, s9 MC Act 1980, ss. 5A (3a) and 5B. M.C. Rules 1981, r70)

Name:… Occupation:…

D.o.B:… Over 18

This statement consisting of 1 page and attached NIP/ S 172 Notice is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing that if it is tendered in evidence I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully stated in it anything which I know to be false or do not believe to be true.

Dated… Signed…

Their Ref: NIP reference number
Vehicle registration number

Dear Chief Constable,

Further to the above Notice of Intended Prosecution: I confirm that the following individual was driving the above vehicle at the time of the alleged motoring offence:

ALL OF THE DETAILS REQUIRED ON THE NIP – name, address, date of birth, driver number etc. etc.

As this statement is provided under threat of criminal penalty [Funke v France] and as I have not received the caution required by paragraph 10.1 of PACE Code C [Mawdesley -v- the Chief Constable of Cheshire [2004] 1 All E.R. 58], I make this statement on the express understanding that it shall not be used or disclosed in any proceedings of whatever nature against myself.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of driver

Name of Driver