Got caught on a bus lane... BUT...

I used a bus lane for a few meters to beat the traffic and a policeman on his bike stopped and fined me. I refused to sign the penalty notice on the grounds that he too used the bus lane to catch me… The police is not above the highway code and therefore a policeman on a motorbike is not allowed to use bus lanes. I told him that it was illegal to fine me for something he had also done wrong and that if he carried on insisting I would take the matter to court… and he left without charging me… he he he… so if you get caught on a bus lane by a policeman who has also been using the bus lane to catch you, remember, they’re not above the highway code.


however its better to avoid the bus lane


I think the police can use a bus lane if they need to, same way they can speed if they need to catch you or can go through a red light if necessary. I suspect you were lucky, maybe he thought it just wasn’t worth the effort arguing with you ?

i thought police could only brake the law if they were saving some1’s life …

or something

Sounds like he couldn’t be bothered.

Don’t expect to get off like that all the time.

If it had been me i would have reported you and put you in Court…(as you would not accept the ticket that would be the only other option left)

My use of the Bus Lane would be to facilitate the Enforcement of the the Highway code and to secure and preserve evidence.

Take it easy out there…

oh yeah,

stay out of the Bus lanes, your not a bus. :wink:

So it always up to good Police Officer will? I will apologies to him and try to avoid to pay in that, "good: way instead of pissing officer off.

The police is NOT above the law or the highway code… They are not allowed to use bus lanes like every other motorists. Penalising someone for having done something wrong by also doing the same thing wrong is illegal, and that was my point. He did bother because the discussion took 45 minutes and he gave up in the end. I was very determined in my argument.

Your right, the Police are not above the Law.

BUT, the Police Officer only used the bus lane in order to carry out his duty…his duty on this occasion was to apprehend and STOP you from further commiting an offence.

Standing on the roadside and arguing the toss for 45 mins is a poor show on his behalf…he’s applied discretion and let you on your way…

I would quite happily argue it where it should be argued.

In Court.

It’s the same for red traffic lights…think about it…

Your on your bike, lights in your favour…Mr 4x4 runs his blatant red light and almost takes you out.

I’m sat at the lights see it all, but can’t see the reg number…

now, let me see…

i have two options:

A. Lights on red , sit there while 4x4 pootles away

B. Go and nab him.

Whaddya reckon then?

A police motorbike is not allowed to use bus lanes as any other motorbike and that’s law. They are not entitled to fine a motorcyclist on a bus lane if they have themselves used the bus lane, i.e. breached the highway code. He did mention to me that he was on the bus lane to catch me, but why couldn’t he do so from the normal lane? Why did he have to be on the bus lane as well? And even so, again, the fact that he was on the bus lane himself was a breach of the highway code on his part. And anyway, should he be allowed to use the bus lane to stop me (which he wasn’t by law), no evidence was there to prove that he was in the bus lane for this purpose. He could well have been using the bus lane to beat the traffic and, at the same time, find me on his way.

I would have indeed taken the matter to court if I had to. I asked a lawyer that I know afterwards and he confirmed that given the circumtances, I would have wan the case. Too many cops believe that they’re above the law and the highway code although they’re not.

good points all round but I’m sure porky knows what he’s on about. You was just lucky on this occasion. However I did along the Old Kent Road a Policeman on a Policebike in the bus lane so i took the decision that if he’s in it so can I.

I think you’re wrong mate and if you told your lawyer friend the same as you posted here then he’s wrong too. Have a read again of Porkscratchin’s post above :wink:

Whats all the frightfully fuss!!!..the Geezer used the lane to probably nip past one motor…like i do! The Bus lanes are nigh on empty most of the time anyway…yeah ok…no what you’re gonna say,if one uses it everyone will and CHAOS will consume London :stuck_out_tongue: But at the end of the day a quick word would’ve done not a nicking! Some stoopid Hoodie twot would get away with worse!!!

I thought bikes were allowed to use bus lanes, well in London anyway?

So by using your logic, in the (highly unlikely :Whistling: ) event of me being out speeding, the police can only charge me me so long as they don’t break the speed limit in the process of catching me ? You’re on drugs ! :smiley:

It is illegal to ride a powered two wheel vehicle in a bus lane in it’s hours of operation. The police/ambulance/fire have an exemption. The police exemption is worded so that police can use the bus lane to enforce the law.

Are you absolutely sure you have got away with this? Did the Police Officer mention reporting you? As porkscratchin has said, if you refuse a ticket, the next step is to report you for summons…I’m sure the magistrate will look forward to hearing your defence…

Just coz the penalty notice wasn’t signed means F all. He would have just written “Declined” in that box and submitted it anyway.

I would try and plead guilty ASAP when the summons appears. The relevant legislation for Bus Lane enforcement in London is Part II of the London Local Authorities Act 1996. Section 5 is very short and to the point -

“5. No provision in this Part of this Act shall apply to any vehicle on an occasion when it is being used for fire brigade, ambulance or police purposes.”

45 minutes of argument you say? You may be unlucky and get done for wasting Police time!

I’m glad someone could be bothered to look up the relevant legislation.

I kind of hope he goes not guilty and tells us the court date. I really want to come and watch his arguements in court…

I can’t believe a PC who could be bothered to stop a motorcycle riding in a bus lane, would then argue for 45 mins (5 mins max I would have thought) about his right to use a bus lane, and then not put pen to paper. I’m sure he’ll be hearing more about this…

as i said, he ain’t a bus. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm sounds like he is dreaming…the police can do almost as they please in persuit of a criminal…or if they believe and offence has been carried out, however if he had been travelling at 150 mph and caused an accident trying to stop him whilst in a bus lane then his case may not have been so solid…

but I am sure on this occasion the police were totally within their rights…

But on that note some of the lanes are bike enabled as I thought…what is the situation I dont ride that much in london but I thought they were opening up the lanes.