Got anuvver one


Picked up my new R1 yesterday and took it down to Brighton with a mate who picked up his new Blackbird. Feels good to have a superbike again, although I’m also keeping the KTM for the moment. Not got any pictures and can’t take any 'till the weekend now, but it’s another silver storm '05 model, the same as got hi-jacked. It’s brand new, but pre-registered, so got an EXCELLENT deal.

Was bl**dy cold coming back home through the snowstorms though!

Well done, look forward to the pics mate…

Congratulations David!! I’m really glad you got a new R1! Can’t let those fookers get you down! Looking forward to the summer and some rides. Hopefully see you tomorrow if all goes well. Great combo of bikes you’ve got now as well

Congrats on the new steed mate, enjoy it.

Well done David! Want to see it

Cheers guys,

Well, it won’t be out tonight… Too cold I think, plus I’d have to go and get it after work (it’s not in London). I’m sure you’ll be seeing it soon though!

Well done, its good to see that latin phrase coming into its own.

“illigitemi n’hil carbor undun”

dont speak latin but i agree with what dan says anyway

Nice one,enjoy it.

David… I am so happy for you honey… Can’t wait to see it…

lucky man Vnice ride.

Nice one D - what was the upshot of the 'jacking? Any comeback?