Got a spare 5 minutes

For my ICT coursework, I need to do a survey of who, and why people go to the dentist, and will love you if you could fill one (or two:w00t: ) out for me please. ideally hand written, and I can get them from the Ace or BM on Wednesday.


Yes sure, I’ll fill it out, scan it and pm it to you


Thanks :smiley:

Only if u help with mine :wink: :smiley:

This looks like one of those surveys you get from the door to door brigade…i had one come round last night asking about seat belts, do i use one, on what car, have i seen adverts for seat belts and where,would i recommend seat belts (nah, not on a bike)…anyway, from that they get a good idea on what to send u either email or by post on “products you may be interested in” !!!..These questions look the exact same thing !! :slight_smile:

will we get a free toothbrush if we answer? :wink:

Done it :slight_smile:

yours involves alcohol, and Im 17 :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t sorry, I’m a poor student, but if you give me the £500 I need for my bike test, ill give you lots of toothbrushes :P.
If you really want, I can start sending you information about dentists, but that wasn’t the plan…

might be easier if its in word. so that we can edit it and pm it back to you :wink:

Who says u need to drink? U can go in and have a meal or a coke lol!

im guessing you meant to quote me :stuck_out_tongue:

i can try, what do i have to do?


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Thanks for reminding me… :crazy: I have a dentist appointment at 4 tomorrow, I’ll fill my questionnaire in after :smiley:

Maybe add it to SurveyMonkey sop we can all do it online with ease? :wink: