Got a job!

Just got offered a job - in Lagos:w00t:

Bring it on…Jan start.

Awww Nice one Nick, glad you are back in employment, sad if that means no more robs european rideouts!

Eh? I get holidays! Will need to make sure I take mine when there’s a trip on :smiley:

why in Lagos :blink:
what’s the job?

Cos that’s where the company is based. Might suggest they relocate to the Seychelles but suspect they won’t :crazy:

and what’s the job? :slight_smile:

Will give you details next time I’m down the teahut. A Finance role for a local manufacturer.

Congratulations Nick, best of luck with this one, (We don’t want you being deported again):stuck_out_tongue:


BB Milfs


Enjoy it mate. Quality pay I trust.

You are spot on…in so many ways :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you were persona non grata in Lagos? Or has the heat died down?

Congrats anyway, when/where’s the going away party?

well done :slight_smile:

Bit of a ride from Lagos to Blackheath :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done :smiley:

congrats Nick - well done :slight_smile:

Congrats Nick !!! Not seen you for ages and our ride out to the seaside with Geoff. Great you got a job back in Lagos - very well done mate. Look forward to catching up again soon.


wooohoooo, He’s leaving on a jet plane…:smiley: haha, Brilliant news Nick, a goodbye rideout on the cards then?:smiley:

aslong as it makes good reading for the new blog

Yeah, keep the blog going, but try not to get into so much trouble this time:w00t:

Congrats mate!