Gordon Brown

I think you got the message from the local and European elections.

NOW **** OFF!

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Do you not think that they might have done better had they have spent more time doing what they are meant to be doing and less time slagging each other off!! Don’t really have a view on whether Gordon should stay or go but I do think politicians need a kick up the a55, they are all just a bunch of name calling bullies who pick on each other like children!! I watched the BBC news this morning where a politician had made up a ryhme about the fact that Gordon Brown should step down!! I mean how old are you ffs, I was cringing!

They are all the same anyways!!

He wasn’t never elected by his party, he was never elected by the people.

He should have called a general election when he became prime minister to justify his position. He has no interest in what the people want he only has interest in power.

I am not deluded to think that anything will change with a different government but one of Labour mantras when they came to power in 1997 was to get ride of Tory sleaze. However they have been far worse.

Time for a change I think.

i think he’s trying to do wot mary queen of scots failed to do.

Perhaps we should do to him what we did to her?