Gordon Brown is doing something good for once

just read this on the BBC and my brown has told the petrol companies to pass on the savings asap! it may drop below £1 a litre again soon



As high price is party due to him he should take his own advise and remove some the tax.

The fact that the cheeky fat git is telling the oil companies to reduce the price, I think that they should ignore him. The public have been telling him and his steath taxes to go forth and multiply for years, and since he has be PM we have been telling to go and fornicate himself.

He hasn’t listened yet.:smiley:

dont expect any reduction in duties soon, hes just robbed all of our piggy banks and your kids ones too…oil drop will keep going to a more realistic 70 dollars in my opinion, it may even bomb to 50 if we are lucky…dont expect to see forecourt prices dropping as fast as they rose though, money will be tight over the coming months and no amount of whingeining is going to change that…

The papers and governments have talked us all into recession and we are going to have one whether anyone wants it or not…

If I was up there I would be asking some of the CEO’s and money brokers to repay some of their bonus’s amounting to well over £300 billion (I suspect it is more like £1000 billion) over the past 4 years…this would help a great deal and I am sure no one really needs an annual wage packet of $320 million dollars…no one…but they did get these kinds of bonus’s

My girlie ignores the news purposefully, but thank god she removed most of her cash from the Icesave bank on the day it filed for bankruptcy and all its assetts were frozen…bet she was one of the last people to get any cash out of them.

Gordon Brown is part of the reason we are here, but it is not solely him, the conservatives too believed the Financial markets could regulate themselves because they were all honest decent people…yes like thats for real…I would not give most traders the time of day…complete wasters earning vast sums of money buying and selling shares with other peoples money and only winning, never losing, its the owners of the cash they trade with that lose…complete madness as we now know…

great to watch all of these superior beings going belly up…as I have said for years bankers could not run a real business to save their lives…here is the proof…

Not going to hold me breath on this :crazy:

Tesco has dropped prices to 102.9 as of today. Just filled the bike up there now.

yup prices are falling i went to fill up on tuesday and it was £1.08/liter and today it was £1.06:cool:

100% agree with you Kevsta, people seem to forget that 90% of the price you pay art the pump is TAX, nothing to do with the oil companies.

Well… not quite 90%, but most of it is tax.The thing that was driving the rises wasn’t tax, though it was the price of oil - which was pushed up by fat wallets playing the futures market.

Why does everyone want lower fuel prices? Higher prices mean fewer cars on the road. Bikes tend to be cheaper to run than cars so car drivers get hit far harder. Low prices just mean more and more 4x4s and more and more clogged roads.

And yes, I do run a car and a bike and i know which one higher prices makes me use more.

I don`t care how the price comes down, i just want it down.

If the financial sector hadnt of gone t*ts up GB wouldnt be demanding lower fuel prices, he’s just trying to look good so he doesnt get booted out when the time comes - too late for that!