GoPro Hero3

Some cool footage on this advert

just saw that… looks nice. still too expensive for me though

i was thinking of trading in my hero 2 for it when it comes out but really disappointed about there’s no mic port might get one when they get alot cheaper

This is seriously nice video. I made me want to live again.

Bot not necessary buy the camera though… advertising fail?

Looks good! Though a shame they’ve gone for MicroSD cards … all your full size SD cards will be useless :frowning:

I have micro cards :stuck_out_tongue:

This camera spec looks awesome. HD ramped up, Frame rate ramped up.
Im seriously considering one next summer…to add to the collection.

Hopefully this means a rash of Hero2’s going cheap in the shops and on the bay.

Anyone know what that helmet mount is at 1.34?

Looks perfect for attaching one of these to my Shoei Multitech.

true true

Aye, I quite fancy one fella, but that bloody Italian thing is committing GBH of the wallet on a regular basis and replacing that’s my first priority!

time for a tiger buddy

I’ve picked one of these up for $300, the mid range version. Almost went for the cheaper on at $200 but it didn’t have Pro tune or wide viewing angle on 1080p.

I can apparently control this from my S3. I’ve not actually unpacked it and tried yet, but I have the App installed ready :slight_smile:

There’s s $400 version that records 4k already!

I didn’t even realise these were out yet, still can’t find Chromebooks anywhere though :frowning:

Yes, I probably will have a Hero 2 on sale when I get hone.

look forward to seeing the footage you get from this. I’m tempted myself.

Yeah get around to unpacking it and getting some footage.

Got an S3 myself hadn’t realised you would be able to direct the camera from an app.

Was talking to someone recently who is going to the bike show this year, asked them to keep an eye out see if there is a stall with the Go Pro on sale.

As I’m in the US for another week, there won’t be any test footage until i get home. I’ll get some up pronto then though.


Here’s my video of the GoPro Hero 3. If you want to just see the sample footage, skip forward to around the 10 minute mark.

Damn that video makes me want to get one of those too!!

Night time with ProTune seems to be a lot better in my opinion, day time a bit washed out.

Really liked the BlueTooth/Wifi connection to your phone. I have the same phone and it looks damn useful.

Im getting one in spring