Goooooood Morrrrrrnin All !!

Ive been sitting here twiddling thumbs and I cant keep still…knowing I got my bike back and its blast fit I just cant sleep…I cant fooking wait !!!.. tomorrows news !!

“Mad biker tears up Regents Park Suburbs” !!!

Whats everyone doing ?..Sundays a good one for me but being match day Im not sure so any suggestions for the weekend ??

Vroom Vrooom !!!

g’mornin young sir. just got in from workin a double shift n am totally shattered,

Got a bit of rain atm but is supposed to clear later, so get yerself out sumwhere, anywhere, as long as you give her some it.

and a very good morning to you mate…long time no see…hope ya well…love and all the best to the Pupsters !!!

Good morning one and all. Wet start to the day. Off to work I go, just opposite the MCN offices for the day. Have a good one folks.

Remember !!

Theres always someone to piss on ya fireworks !