Goooood Mawwwnin LBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

A very good morning to one and all…

Its a bit parky out there and the roads are very greasey so go carefull and have a safe end to the weekend !!

For those of you that havent seen the Film “The DaVinci Code” then drop me a line as I have a spare copy on DVD !!

Mornin all, day of today YAY, so wish I could lay in tho

Goood morning all, going to have a nice lazy day at home today.


Good Morning All looks like another clear day out. Think i might pop up to high Beach later an a little blast! HAHA


Morning all … somebody forgot to close their bedroom window last night… buhhrrr

Good morning LB. looks like a nice day out there. gonna take my little baby out for a blast today…

im working again today

Good Morning, im working again today… and i didn’t wanna drag myself out of bed

blimey loopy, fancy having to work on a sunday?!

I know westie … esp when im leaving someone in bed

well i say working we are waiting for the mad rush for the free breakfasts before midday,if they come in the shop,rex judds in west end lane.

other than that someone pop in and say hello

Westie, have you been and come back or are you on your way out ?

Goody, good morning LB

morning da artist you working today mate

loopy i had to leave my other half and my boy this morning,its a bit much working on sunday if its not raining.

I can imagine egypt, its not easy, after xmas im going to just do Saturdays 10-4 …, i think working a 7 day week is plenty

…got the chance for a bit of restiling (re: Avatar)… it was about time to change it really!..

…homely day today! Need to sort some stuff out!

Have you all a good Sunday!