gooood morning to u all LBs

may u all have a great day and weekened

Let’s hope it stay’s dry!Got to sort out the garden today oh and i’ve got to go B+Q…

So whats everyone else got on today?

Good Morning one and all

looking forward to High Beach meet later rain or shine

couldn’t sleep and then had to be at work by 7am so i thought just stay awak then i am riding up to manchester after 1pm hope it stays dry

how about u W

buenos dias lb hope you have alovely day

I will try my best to stay focused but i am looking forward to nice seafood meal when i get their so that should aid in keeping me awake [[ THE CARROT AND THE RABIT EFFECT]]

Off to bed after a nights work and then installing Maya8 for the daughters graphics course. back to work tonight by car, hope to drill out the pad pins tomorrow if the weather lets me.


I’m starting work at 16:00.

I may be in an unmarked car possibly between the M25 and covering the M4 from jct 4 up to 10…possibly

Ride safe!


watch out for dark blue Omega’s, Cavalier’s and BM 5’s you lot…

HAHA wont that be cold on the bike?

Just keep your helmet on that way you will keep your hair dry HAHA


I’m doing the oil change today… or possibly tomorrow… or maybe in the week… ahh let’s just see - morning all!

Abseiling 120ft down a building this afternoon. Not very keen on heights and hoping it’s not going to rain, but will probably love it once I’m over the edge!

Of course I’m mad! In this case for a good cause though - Macmillan Cancer Support.

The photo’s not a good angle, so no comments about how big my butt looks please…


too late to stop now.jpg

Well done very well done

looks like you are climbing up a council estate…

Not going up… unfortunately heading down to solid ground without the number of the guy who had just asked me out - DOH!

You have a one track mind, just like the rest of us HAHA

He wasn’t coming down til the end of the day - he was one of the fit guys from the Royal Artillery who was holding the ropes!