goood morning

good morning all!! sorry that i havent been on for a very long time!! hopefully i wont be a stranger any more!! hope u are all well xx gina xx;):slight_smile:

Morning Gina, nice to see you at the Ace, congratulations to Adam too :wink:

Hi Gina, good to have you back!

Morning all.

PS it’s colder than it looks! :slight_smile:



Morn gina, long time no see/hear…err. whats adam done then? why congrats?

morning morning. so nice out there. going for a ride in a bit :smiley:

Gina said he got his White Helmet at the weekend :slight_smile:

hello stranger :slight_smile:

Erm…apart from the other inuendo that could bring out, what does that mean? see, im stoopid about these army type thingys?

It’s a display team, nothing to do with that kind of helmet, typical LB response ;), I guess we’re lucky Sincere hasn’t turned up yet :smiley:

did someone call?:smiley:

Morning all!

Blimey Gina long time no speak! Thought you had binned us at LB in favour of another… :wink:

Anyways! Good to know that you are ok. Hope everyone is well :slight_smile:

Good morning from Manchester, as always it is raining. As they say “ere it’s grim up norf”.

Hi Gina, good to see ya back:cool:

Hows the CBR4?

Well done to Adam for earning his spurs:)

yes he got his white helmet for the royal sigs!! mind u iv worn out his one!!lol:D

Good afternoon, good to see you back :smiley:

Don’t mention the bacon :w00t::w00t::sick::smiley:

hiya hun - welcome back :slight_smile:

Get your fella back here too - I miss his rideouts :w00t:

Hope you haven’t come back for that freezer :blink: We sold it after 6 months :stuck_out_tongue:

GINA my Luton love, i lost your phone number as i have been trying to call you.