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I’m trying to find the point, personally.

The principle and concept had some real promise and, while I’ve not actually looked at the protocol itself, Google’s current (reference) implementation of it is pretty crap.

well I could really do with something like that at work but I will need to have all my clients and contractors on it for it to make sense so it is going to take a while…

I think it’s interesting, but I was a bit disappointed it hasn’t been integrated with my google apps account yet. This makes it kind of difficult to trial as I have very few contacts using it.

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errmm, what is it?

The pitch: A real-time decentralised collaboration system, whereby several people can work on a document (or map, or image or whatever) at the same time and see each other’s changes in real time. Sort of a best-of-all of email, instant messaging, wiki, online office suite, irc and forums with fantastic redundancy and scalability.

The real-life: Threaded instant messaging.

That’s SO exciting!

And, as such, most companies have probably banned the site. I know mine has.