Googles Street view hits UK




Ive been looking at this a lot this morning , and to be honest Im not that happy that when you put my postcode in you get my front door in all its glory !

?,‘?’ :stuck_out_tongue: (i.e. what,‘what?’)

Thats pretty cool, wonder how often the images are updated? The pics look like they are for last summer.

cool and a little bit scary! :smiley:

Very little traffic on the roads! Also looks like post parkign charges given the small number of bikes in the bays in Westminster.

Good job I was out that day…!!! Thiefs could randomly select addresses from here.

Bit stupid really this idea.

totally agree on this…but as it was during the day dont think many will have their bikes lying about

I was out…!!! He he :smiley:

Whats the difference between people seeing your house on google & driving past and looking? Not every road is on it yet & probably wont be anyway.

Strangely my Dad’s car was in my driveway :smiley: I wonder how many people will get “caught out” with strange cars parked at their houses :hehe:

Was yer missus in ??:Whistling:

No, doesn’t look like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Good use of a parking bay here :crazy:

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Ok, now I can see the google street map.


**cool but scary **

looks wicked but not impressed found my house and theres my brothers rxs100 no sign of mine (result) clicked back afew houses and there in full view is my bike!!!

its quite afew months old as my bike is missing the black screen and other bits but still rather creepy

One of the google cars went belting past me down a country lane near my house. Will have to see if I’m on it when they upload the area :cool:

i killed Thumper 1 here…,-0.277641&spn=0.006566,0.019312&z=16&iwloc=addr&layer=c&cbll=51.541154,-0.277557&panoid=Ql1alPzMvBOpvEUrIsG-Gg&cbp=12,321.78774178604374,,0,5.7