Google Streetview shows 3 bikes outside house - Days later they are stolen...

From another forum, this is the Streetview picture;

The Girl at the back putting on the helmet is the owner.

Days later this happened;

KAWASAKI NINJA ZX6RLK07 HVVMy beautiful bike was stolen at 11:55pm by a group of around 15 guys wearing crash helmets and full leathers! They somehow- within seconds removed the bike\’s cover- disarmed the alarm and rode off. The Police followed them up to Sydenham Hill and lost them.
At the same time they had attempted to take my brother suzuki GSXR 600 and Honda CBR 600. The CBR was taken but as it was low on fuel, they dumped it moments later!

I am devastated my bike was one of a kind- a white coloured 07 plate ninja zx6r and I miss it terribly. I had it chained to a ground anchor, had a disc lock with alarm and a datatool alarm (and tag) but it meant nothing. They wanted it and they got it. My family were awake and watching but helpless as there were so many of them.
They actually were fearless and continued to swear at my mother and kick our front door!


What a bastard thing to happen.

If bike thieving can come round in such numbers what chance have you got?

Also the got round a Datatool alarm/immobiliser without making it go off even though the owner said it was sensitive enough to sound at the slightest bump. Chain was toasted in seconds as well.

If they can overcome a chain, alarm , alarmed disk lock and immobiliser IN SECONDS, what is the point of bike security? All the manufactuers should give us the money back - THEY DON’T WORK! - Don’t they test these things with experts?

She also wrote:

I have what I thought was the best oxford brute force ground anchor -thick chain also from oxford and alarmed disc lock! It was also alarmed but somehow nothing prevented them from taking the bike.The guy who serviced it weeks earlier refused to believe that the ninja could have been taken because of the immobiliser! Obviously at that point it meant nothing to them. I even now question the datatool alarm ! Everytime I went over and touched the bike it would wake the neighbours up yet it didn’t let out a sound!

So if I get this right they defeated,

Steering lock.
Alarm (Without setting it off )
Hotwired ignition
Toasted alarmed disk lock (without setting it off)
Toasted heavy duty chain

All in a matter of seconds - did they use a magic spell??? It seems impossible !!!
If they catch these guys they should be forced to work with the alarm/security companies so they can SORT THEIR PRODUCTS OUT!

And did they use Streetview to case the joint?

I am speechless. It is not the first time this happened. Many incidents lie this was already linked by Police to one group but to no effect.
I makes me feel police in London is useless.

What scares me the most is - they would not probably give a **** even when Police came with not sufficient forces.


There’s two things that frighten me - 15 blokes turning up like an SAS operation and the speed of getting the Ninja unlocked,unalarmed and started…

Feck me if 15 tooled up scrotes turn up at your house at 11.30 at night what the hell can you do?

15 blokes with correct tools, no matter whet the bikes had they would have been gone,

Even with 15 blokes I’d love to know how they did it in minutes…boltcutter for the chain no problem but disc lock…angle grinder? Then they have to tackle the alarm and immobiliser as well as the steering lock…all in a few minutes???

I would guess a team of **** hot mechanics would take half a day to sort out that lot…

Although I feel for the victim as I’ve been there myself, ‘Oxford’ doesn’t scream ‘protection’ for me. They must have just used a bolt cropper on the chain/locks to do it that quick. With a 19mm Almax chain they would have at least had to use an angle grinder.

^ agreed on this. But the point is - them being 15 man strong they can take 10 minutes without actually much disruption.

Disk lock? Shatter the disk with a hammer. Or just pick the bike up an put it in a van. Steering lock will always go before the forks do so they just force that. If you know what you are doing it’s 2 seconds work.

**** that’s rather scary. I think I would just give them the key and say crack on. Police can’t do anything against a group like that unless they got India99 out to follow them.

What about liquid nitrogen? Is it too science fiction? :alien:

Good point. Although I’m sure they’d have noticed if they chain and disc locked would have snapped without any noticeable marks from cutters or grinders.

Datatool sys 3 can be bypassed very easily… bike ridden away in minutes with no sound/lights flashing if you know how.

Before you set a lynch mob on me I’m a recovery guy so it’s my job to know!!!

Datatool sys 3 can be bypassed very easily… bike ridden away in minutes with no sound/lights flashing if you know how.

Before you set a lynch mob on me I’m a recovery guy so it’s my job to know!!!

You can get an oxy/propane cutting set that fits in a backpack . That would quickly and quietly without vibration deal with any physical security .

Is it just me or does the link just open Google Maps?

It only does that for me too…

The link doesn’t have any location information.

Darren, what are the best type of alarms?

Oops , don’t seem to be able to capture the Google Map location info…