Google maps

I’ve just seen this the post code lookup isn’t to accurate, but the satalite view is cool, check out the London eye, dome or the thames barrier.

It’s a very cool technology, much more usable than the multimap, or streetmap websites. It’s quite interesting being able to scroll around and link up places we’ve all ridden around. There’s a few groups of developers out there who are starting to hack the maps and find novel uses for them, overlaying their own information. I can see some use for it possibly with biking routes.

I showed Cezar a view of his workplace on that site yesterday and he couldn’t recognise it, he didn’t know where he was, lol.

That’s wicked… I can see my house!!!

If you liked that, you’ll LOVE this:

feck my old boots David, Thats the nuts. what a tool.

Thanks David… You know I’m easily impressed with this sort of stuff… WWWOOOOAAAAHHHH I can see my house!!!

Holy cow, the space-program has its uses after-all! That’s pretty impressive stuff David. Thanks! It’s funny that some areas are restricted still, and you can’t see what’s going on. The restricted areas are blurry… i.e. Heathrow Airport. Also, the absolute resolution isn’t that powerful, zoomed in to 700ft or so, you get no detail.

Supposidly, the military satellites can see objects down to 12", that’s far more impressive.

Great satelite pics jay! I couldnt see anything or house that I know in UK but it was great to look at Brasil’s pic… Nice one

Have you guys seen NASA world winds ?

nicked from the intro…"World Wind lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. Leveraging Landsat satellite imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, World Wind lets you experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D, just as if you were really there.

Virtually visit any place in the world. Look across the Andes, into the Grand Canyon, over the Alps, or along the African Sahara"

Broadband is needed, there is a fat download just for the viewer app and it needs microsoft’s .net framework installed to run, but when you do, you can fly around box hill / IOM far faster than you ever could dream of . . .

Tried both NASA thing and Google Earth. Prefer the latter as it worked/installed easier. And apparently is kept up to date more frequently.

Mate has a gigantic Plasma with a home media PC, and flying down the Grand Canyon was stomach churning. Try it.

Every time I click on Google links I get effin America!!!

They do rule the World after all.

got it to work in the end…crickey!