Google Drive

So here’s another one for you, a few days back Google Documents changed to be Google Drive, a similar service to DropBox.

I have been paying $5 a year for 20 gig extra, on top of the free 1 gig you originally got, mainly for my Picasa photo albums. Well now their price structure has changed, you get 5 gig free, but 25 gig more will be $2.50 a month. If you#re on an old plan, you get to keep it until you change it yourself, or miss a payment and default out of it.

I really wish I’d guessed they would do this and moved to the 200 gig for I think $40 or $50 a year. This would now cost $120 a year, which still isn’t bad, DropBox would charge, well 100 gig is $200.

Not only is it cheaper than DropBox, but you can search images! You can search using a term and it will show you any photo’s that it thinks are relevant.
Right now I don’t have many pics on GDrive, but I have a few in my Fantasy NFL folder, for example a couple of Tiki Barber, named Tiki.jpg. I searched ‘Barber’ and it showed me the jpegs in the search results!

In other words, to find a photo you took of the Eiffel Tower, just search ‘Eiffel Tower’, it doesn’t matter if the photo is named ‘France00237.jpg’ it will find it!

Pretty clever I think!

More info on the search here -

Google Drive itself, here -