Google Chrome web browser

I have just install this cause Firefox was getting worse. Seems to work how these things should. Has anyone gor feed back on it?

My Firefox has no problems, IE8 is nearly ready i wonder what`s that going to be like.

Had a brief play with it on a Windows machine (I use Linux at home [nerd] for which they haven’t made Chrome yet) seems OK… but I like the ‘addons’ that are available for Firefox.

My Firefox is fine, my stepson’s kept crashing, but updating Java on his machine (from the Control Panel) then creating a new Firefox profile seems to have fixed it.

Using Chrome right now - seems ok, nice and quick, needs a few finishing touches.
IE8 is still beta, and unlike people like Google who release a beta that is fiarly useable, MS ones are usually rubbish (last time I played with IE8 I had horrendous problems).
Use FF now and again, but up until the advent of Chrome mostly used IE7.


or the new IE8 v2 is ok too in compatibility view

There are some issues apparently read this yesterday:

And I’ll think that I will stick with FireFox for the time being.