So it’s Goodwood Super Car Sunday tomorrow, I know it’s not bikes but it is always a good atmosphere at the breakfast club meets, and there free to attend. If the weather is kind there will be plenty of stuff to look at that’s for sure. Usually a few L.Bers down there for a mooch about, and a trash about after.

Nice, take some photos, and an umbrella :slight_smile:

if it doesnt rain as they say i’ll swing by, i need to go to east grinstead so it would be on my way home.

Little bit damp but rain had stop by the time I got there and was great to meet up with you guys, bump into Richard and real mates :slight_smile: and drool over a few of the exotic cars on display… took a few pics but how do you load them now o_O

Agree- there were a few really nice exotic cars there- some of them seen only in pictures… Got there a bit late, but still had enough time for a glance… Has anyone been in Festival Of Speed? Most reviews say it is one of those must-see festivals… Less than two months to decide!