Goodwood Festival of Speed

Popped along yesterday for the first time. What an experience, the noise some of those cars and bikes made was truly amazing.


so annoyed i couldn’t make it this year. if you have anymore pics, i’m sure i’m not the only one that would love to see them!

The photography’s coming along nicely then, PJ :slight_smile:

glad you enjoyed it PJ. was good fun on the sunday too. absolute result on the weather too. am a nice shade of pink again today!

need to have a good churn through what i shot from yesterday. only really had time for the speed runs in the end, all a bit hectic for various reasons…

here’s one i prepared earlier…


What kind of tyres are those on the Desmo ?

they’re wets. the tarmac isn’t that grippy, and a lot of sand/dirt gets thrown onto it by the rally cars (and other cars running wide). better to chew some wets, than chew a desmo :wink:

Great pics, must pop across one year ;):smiley: