Goodwood Festival of Speed

Sorry to induce jealousy this early on a monday morning but have to share the below. Made it down on sunday for the Goodwood Festival of Speed - it was unreal. Driving down was pretty miserable and we had that sinking feeling that it was going to pretty much ruin the day if there was no traction to be had from the adverse conditions. Had awesome luck tho and outran the weather to meet glorious sunshine by the end of the morning. The rest of the day was nicely hot (i have some tender sunburn to prove it today) and meant they could really show off the machinery! Wheel spinning F1 cars, rolling burnouts, wheelies, hardcore acceleration. Even had red arrows display and a 747 flyby (seriously close!)
Petrol heads dream.
I have quite a lot of photos but not sure how to best to show them on here. The best part about it is that you get to walk around everything from old GT40s up to Bugatti Veyrons and f1 cars (and i mean RIGHT up to them). Most importantly for me and prob you lot is the bikes. Loads of big name riders - Corser, Bayliss, Scott Smart, Casey Stoner, the works! Scott Smart is a great lad by the way, really funny banter. Casey is tiny by the way and looks about 12. His bike is better than mine tho so I’m not going to get overly cricitical of the lad.
Oh and had full access passes to the event including the drivers mess - Murray Walker, James Ellisson, Damon Hill all sat on adjacent tables and all the riders and drivers dotted around. Cant’ say i’m normally a big one for celebrities but was chuffed to bits to be in there. Blummin grateful to have been sorted out a pass (rarer than the proverbial from a rocking horse…)
The best/funniest bit of the day is reflected in the pics at the end. My girlfriend went on the blag at the Ducati stand and they were loving her. Her best mate (lets just say this girl is er, connected) had been on the pillion ride with Randy the day before and in her words it was more exciting than the sky dive she did! I’m so jealous its unreal. I’ve got a movie clip of my girl pretending she’s racing the motogp bike in the pics. It was Randy Mamola’s dual rig rull works bike! The pit crew were loving getting her clambering about as you can tell from the attached where the camera man is aiming for gratuitous ass/thong shots!!! Meant i got to sit and play around on Randy’s gp bike and Bayliss’s works 999, hence the ridiculous grin!! The director of ducati offered her and her best mate a free day at the ducati track day in Italy. If that actually comes about guess who will be on the blag for a spot…



nice one JB, sounds like a blast. Did you snap any bits off for Ebay? I’ll be watching…

Would have joined you had a prior engagement in Newcastle not stopped me.

You lucky bugger, JB Did you take enough photos to make up a Gallery?

Very good, I seriously thought it was going to rain…

i’m still on such a high from it!!! i cant say i’ve been to much in the way of motorsport but this felt like such a special event - aside from the drivers mess it was full access and everyone could get up close to their dream machines and their heros. the f1 cars would literally come through the crowds back into the paddocks (people had to make way!). I know i had the drivers mess pass but that was the only real restrction in the event when it came to the riders, drivers and cars. apparently this year was the best yet if you were a bike fan as they hadn’t run that format before. the Revival in August does have a lot of the old school bikes each year and with a bit of luck will be making that too.

hey jay - yep, got about 50 shots and a couple of movie clips. the pics come to about 16mb. it has hard to get pics of the cars as everyone was crowded round (got a few but not the real top end ones but lets face it, i was more interested in the bikes!!)

would you prefer them by email (about 16mb for the pictures) or can burn a cd for you for weds at cubana? I’ll try and get the clips on youtube - they’re in mp4 so not sure if everyone will be able to view that format. may have to convert them?

got a cip of the pit crew getting susie to pretend to be racing the gp bike (kneed down right, hang on for the striaght, knee down left etc… quality!), jenson and some other f1 cars smoking the tyres and a longish clip of the bikes doing their thing. gives you a bit of a feel for the event

roll on next july!!

I went last year its a really good day and you deffinately get a feel for everything being so close to it all was gonna go this year but clashed but i think i may have had a slightly better time though… all good JB but its time to let go of this Ducati fetish and behold the yamaha, i mean what would she do if she found out you had been clambering on other bikes???

i only sat on her, i didn’t ride her - i wasn’t being unfaithful

Email me the pictures, no problem.

We were there yesterday… fantastic day… spent ages talking to the engineers working on Mansell’s Newman Haas Champ car cos the better half does electronics for race engines Roll on September for the Revival