Goodwood Breakfast Club.

This Sunday is the first Breakfast Club meet of 2016. It is soft top Sunday so lots of expensive convertibles to look at, if you like that sort of thing.

No doubt there will be the usual takers heading down there. If your up for it get in touch.

What are the times for the brekky club? (I could Google it but it’s easier to ask you). I was thinking about heading down there and then going for a browse at Helmet City, but it’s a bit of a yomp from where we are now.

I think it’s from 8 and is generally over by midday.

I’m thinking of heading down myself.

Ah Janey, its even further from where I set off from. starts from 7.30 ish , goes on till mid day ish.

Beat me to it Gavin.

Also there might be a classic meet at the Departure Lounge which makes a good coffee stop on the way home.

Hope the suns out .

I won’t commit as these are ungodly hours you speak of but if the weather is good and I am up, there’s always the chance to pop down

What time at Departure Lounge?

usually call in on the way home about 1.00pm onwards.

Serrisan, just rock up when it suits you really, should try and get Jaime and Clair down there aswell.

Cant make it cause Im engaged. ;-(

Just wait until you’re married - your beloved will suddenly become a bit too eager to shove you out the door so that they can be left alone to play in the garage in peace. Or that’s what I’ve found, anyway…