Goodwood Breakfast Club - 6th Nov

Contemplating a ride down to Goodwood on 6th November this Sunday.

Goodwood are celebrating it’s 5th Anniversary of the Breakfast club in style with the theme ‘Dream Grid’ so should be some interesting stuff there! Always a big turnout so will be lots to see and it’s free!

Will be leaving Boxhill at 9am sharp…

Lunch at The Black Rabbit, Arundel and home from there…

If it’s raining this ride WILL NOT be happening!!


Slight change of plan…Meet at 8.30am Boxhill to leave very soon after, early start due to ‘Make a noise for Marco Sunday’ Aim to be in the Goodwood tunnel for 10.30 revving our engines! I have called Goodwood to pre-warn them and make this happen so lets get a good turnout!

Sounds great, count me in :slight_smile:

BUMP :slight_smile:

8.30… you ain’t making this easy at all!!!

Am very tempted!

Will be nice to get the bike out, though it really needs a service :slight_smile:

I like the rev-salute idea for Marco.

come on alex and alex, im there and I don’t even own a bike!

I’ll be leaving the Ace at 8 for a rather hasty thrash to box.

will be there at ace in the morning then riding with Mr Gold to boxhill :slight_smile:

I’ll be on a Boeing 747 somewhere tithe southeast of Thailand at that time - I’ll make as much engine noise as I can, but I want you folks at goodwood to make enough noise that I can hear you :slight_smile:

il see you there fella :wink:

Sounds good Claire… ha ha no pun intended:) … See you at Box then

i just cant believe i’m going to say this.
go on.
see you at box for half eight.
you mf’s.

any objections to a 125 coming? yeah im not the fastest in the world (can hit 70 at a push) no worries if not


I’m not sure, I would imagine it should be ok for the trip from box but you might be hard pushed to keep up on the way to box…if you can make it to box go ahead I guess unless Claire posts in the next few minutes otherwise!

i’d like to be going…but unfortuantly have work commitments tonight so will be pushed for time as i’ll need to get some sleep before,have fun and ride safe :slight_smile:

Wow what a great day out… Set off extremely hungover getting to box to meet up with everyone else. Immediately proceeded to Goodwood to pay our tribute to Marco in the tunnel. After some nice riding down, we got down with half an hour to spare so immediately started to negotiate with the stewards if we can do it in the tunnel. At this point we were pleasantly surprised by the Jetstreams turning up. Sadly we were told that Goodwood have noise restrictions by the council for a sunday so we could not. Well that would not do - we went up to the car park and decided at 10.30 to go ahead and do it anyway - after which point the stewards kindly told us we set off the ‘noise alarm’ whatever that is… Big Grins on everyone’s faces :smiley:

Walking past the show of beautiful cars we discovered a little go-cart track so decided to have a little LB race. 6 of us (me, matt, Jaime, Geoff, Captain Slow and nivag) all took to the starting line where things got quite heated quite quickly. Jaime was right on form with some dodgy overtakes and pushing people around, whilst Captain Slow had a few incidents with the grip on his tyres resulting in a few spin outs. There were thrills, spills and trips to the mud and we all loved it. The actual race was won by matt (???) but then after that I have no idea what or who… It was immense fun… :smiley:

Not being able to decide if we wanted a rematch, we headed off to Arundel for lunch and found great amusement feeding the seagulls (noise pests really) with chips, burgers and an entire lemon compliments of major! :smiley:

A very nice ride back through surrey and then into Leith hill and we were back at box for 2.30… a fully packed day :smiley:

The jets then decided that this will not do, and have set off back home with the point of going through a ford with a few other brave souls… hope the water was not too cold! I’m now back in my room having had one of the best weekends in a long time…

Cheers claire for organising and leading and nagging me to come despite the very early start! Also thanks Jets for leading us back through the amazing and stunning labyrinthian complex that is Leith Hill… Many thanks to major for tailgunning the entire route… those tyres will be nicely scrubbed in now! :smiley:

That is all… please everyone get photos and vids up… :slight_smile:

I can only re-iterate Alex’s account of the day and say what an immense time I think we all had on the bikes!

Thank u Major for tailgunning and a very special thanks to the Jets for leading the ride back and carrying on with another classic rideout, can’t wait for the updates!

Was a top top day, fairly chilled out and fun riding with again another great bunch of friends!

what a great day out, it was nice to meet so many friendly faces :slight_smile:

Many thanks to Claire for leading the ride out, and also Jetstream for leading us back. Also thanks to Major for tailgunning, great to see everyone and hope to see you again.

Take care and ride safe everyone :slight_smile:

What a winner, a great ride with good people and good roads - PLUS the added bonus of making noise and annoying marshals! Surprised Jaime didn’t try a burnout for 58 seconds though :smiley:

Video of lots of people revving engines will be up soon!

nobody asked… :smiley:

top day out and even managed to meet up with everyone at box again