Goodbye London.....

Well as some of you know, after being in London for 4 years myself and my other half have decided that we will be moving up north as we have found a lovely house to buy. We just cannot afford to buy in London and we also like the area we are moving too ( and its cheaper!!):smiley:

But… dont worry, i am not going just yet, i dont actually have any dates as such yet, just thought id let ya all know in advance.:slight_smile:

i will still be staying on the forum, and will still be coming to any major rideouts and meets we have, just wont be able to make all the smaller meets.:slight_smile:

I just want to say a BIG thankyou to all of you that i know and have been privelaged to call my mates.

Lots of Love Westie xx:D

best of luck with the move mate! hope it all works out for you

BLIMEY! That is a shocker.
Hope to catch up with you soon, before you are whisked off oup norf x

thankyou, will do!!! it wont be just yet, so dont worry!:smiley:

damn mate! didnt know (well i have been under a rock past few weeks/meets)

As someone who is also about ot buy a flat i tataly understand where youre coming from!

Best of luck mate and im sure you wont miss the central london rat race!

Ps. where are you going?

you know i am gonna miss ya!!!


i know will miss ya all too, but am already booked for the wales trip and France trip on 15th march so you aint getting rid of me that easily.:smiley:

You tart!

Good luck with the move though:D

thanks love!:smiley:

Good luck with your move, am only sorry that I am not able to get out as often as I’d like and experience your charming wit more! :smiley:

Where up north are you going, as I am often in leeds. Having said that, anything from watford upwards I class as the north! :hehe:

Awwww Westie Honey, I am gonna miss you and your snogs … :(How far oooop Norfff you going ?

I don’t know… We go away for a couple of weeks and this is what happens… Well, we didn’t see that one coming Westie! :w00t::w00t:

We wish you the best of luck baby, I hope this place has a nice big garden for us all to camp in??? :D:D:D

I don’t blame ya wanting to get out of London, but the UK isn’t really all that big now is it? you won’t be that far away at all :slight_smile:

oh handsome i will miss u the most you are a wonderful person.

i am honour to call you my friend.

good luck with the move and if you need any help just text me.x

Good luck mate where are you going, I am moving to Bedfordshite on monday

Good luck babe,

Its waaaay too grim up north surely???!!! But I reckon you will brighten it up :slight_smile:

Now where are Westie’s leaving drinks and are we going to meet up with his other half finally??.. :smiley:

Awwww my baby boo !!! I KNEW i shoulda wrapped you up and took you home with me last time we met…NOW who am i gonna go to when i want a hug…cos i knew id always get one from you of all people !! Boo hoo…sobs…you better keep in touch with us…are we gonna have a “before you go” drinkie? Completely understand me dear…but you just HAVE to let us have an invite so we can ride up to your new place and see you both…no ifs or buts you hear ??? kisses and hugs to Westie…:slight_smile:

Love n luck, Westie! No doubt I’ll see ya up there :slight_smile:

So how far up norf ya going, up with the whippet humpers or not quite that far, no doubt we see ya about,

djs nowt wrong wiv my part of bedfordsh1te :stuck_out_tongue:

wow bit of a shock, when you say north, Do you mean north north as in north of Watford