Goodbye L Plates!!!!

Just wanted to share my news and happiness! I passed my mod 2 today at Uxbridge :D:D So glad to be getting rid of the targets on my bike :hehe: Now just got to find a nice bike!

well done :slight_smile: xxxx

congratulations mate :slight_smile:

well done:) now you can learn how to ride:) (sure you know what I mean by that);):cool:


Congrats !

Congratulations! Enjoy

yaaaaaaaaaay well done :slight_smile:

well done, welcome to the club.

Well done, and enjoy your new found freedom from L-plates :slight_smile:

Great news!:smiley: Well done - we’ll have to have that cream tea now;)

Congratulations, burn them…lol

well done!!! :smiley:

Ayyyy :cool:

Well done (again :P) :kiss:

Congratulations Oh Fully Licenced Two Wheeled God of the Road :DBrgds


well done :smiley:

Well done Hun :smiley:


nice one well done!

Nice one… :smiley: