good weekend all round

this weekend was probably the best for a long time.myself and b went to cadwell for a trackday.b had not been for over 14 years.set off fri lunch.took 4.5 hours to get there,stayed at my relatives.b was very well behaved.very auntie thaught he was a luvly chap lol.sat morning at cadwell,weather not to bad.bit on the cold side,then what do you expect in feb.track was a bit slippery at first but got better as the day went on.b was instructing again.not to many there so groups here small so plentry of track time.done three sessions in the morning.the track at cadwell is awsome.very technical and very fast.not much room for error.three sessions in the seemed to move in as it got realy cold but still had the biggest grin there.def reccomend cadwell as a must for trackday addicts.looking forward to doing a few more this year so if anybody fancies hooking up for any then pm me and we will see what we can sort out

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Good time had here as well mate.It was slippery out there in the morning,you done well gradually building up your pace.
Not like some of the riders.One guy only got as far as 10 metres in the first session before binning it.
Your auntie is very nice,shame she`s not twenty years younger.
Post up some of your pictures,by the way,put this in the track forum under trackdays.

Sounds like you guys had a good time, for this time of year! Cadwell Park is one of my favourite circuits. I’ve only done it three times, but have loved every day, even the first when I forgot about a corner and threw my R6 down the track (Cezar also threw his Gixxer Thou down the track as well that day, lol), hehe.

Can’t wait to get back there this summer.

First ever trackday…