Good Tyres @ Cheap Prices....?

Does anyone know anywhere I can get some decent tyres (Bridgestone…etc) at a decent price fitted. I have odd wheels on my Cagiva…not odd as it square or anything but the front is off of a Hornet and god only knows what my rear came off.

I believe (without looking) the front is 120/70 (16ZR) and the rear is 150/80 (17ZR), although don’t quote me on that!

I don’t mind travelling for them but obviously not miles and miles and miles…!

I also need a MOT done soon, can anyone recommend anywhere…and nobody say the Motorcycle Service Centre, as I don’t like the idea of being ripped off and given a ‘fake’ MOT (said too much now )

George White Suzuki in slough

I cant sing their praises enough for cheap tyres and fitting!!!

What happened at the Motorcycle Service Centre? I’ve had decent service there.

To be fair to them I can’t say to much, but lets say that I used to work there and left for reasons that would have closed the business up over night!

I sell my used track tyres after a couple of track days , so if someone’s interested…