Good tyre places around London

I’m looking for a good tyre place in (or around) London which has a ride-in, ride-out service (ie while-you-wait). I’d also like a place where the prices aren’t extortionate and the “fitters” aren’t knuckle-dragging morons! Does anyone have any recommendations?

Essential Rubber…roll in roll out but they do like you to give them a quick call to verify the tyres you want and a time …internet search hits the spot and they are based in Downham Road…Just off Kingsland Road E2.

That’s what I was going to say.

Ner ner nah nah nah !!!

Has my endorsment as well.

Late night tonight open until 8pm.

Cheers Mark

dude, not sure where you’re based but Sidcup motorcycle tyres are good. Have a look in the name & shame section for details, or they’re on the internet too.

Thanks everyone, that’s great. Seems like essential rubber is the one to go for then!

By the way, if you don’t mind going further afield, I’ve found Micheldever ( to be unbeatable (2 wheels and 4). I’ve just compared their quote to Essential Rubber and it’s about 10% cheaper. But this time round, I need something quick and close.

Thanks everyone.

essential rubber is very good,known jason since he was 14 ysr old,or as a second option pro tyre in enfield on the A10.

And speak to danny @ pro tyre let him know your a mate of mine. Jason from 1stline motorcycles

I use Tekmotive near South Mimms services, family run business just did me a pair of Avon AV45/46 for my GSX750F for £204 ride in ride out.

Thanks everyone, I’m calling around now.