Good to be here

Just wanted to say hi e.t.c

Im stan, 24 living in Balham. Work in the events industry (yawn)

Passed my DAS in december and at the moment im considering my bike options.

Probably going to go with a Bandit or Hornet to start with, but at the moment my family have given my a Vespa Gt 200 to get to work on.

Ive popped down to the borough meet a couple of times just to look at the bikes on foot, maybe ill come down on bike some time and introduce myself.

Hi Stan

Welcome along. You won’t go far wrong with either a Bandit or a Hornet.:slight_smile:

Hi Stan welcome to LB :cool:

Hi there mate, welcome, yeah a bandit or a hornet will do you a good first bike, if you want any advice, post up a bit more of your requirements (like what you are going to use the bike for, what your ‘style’ of riding might be, budget, etc) and you will get lots of answers I am sure!

Walk up to anyone at BM and introduce yourself, more than welcome!

hello and welcome mate :slight_smile:

thanks for the warm welcome.

Right some requirements and information.

I work in epsom and I used to cycle the 18 odd miles every day. Then after a year I got very bored of this and decided to do my DAS rather than pay £130 a month on rail fares.

Im 6 foot 3 tall. Looking for a bike to commute on and have some weekend fun.

I will be wanting to do some trips to family in Portsmouth and Sheffield (fly screen i guess).

Budget = looking at around the £2000 mark maybe 2500. I need to trade in this Vespa GT 200 really, not sure on its value, its got 2k on the clock and is a 56 plate with all the crome things on.

Again thank you for the warm welcome.

Hello and welcome to LB:D Hornet sounds good to me!!!


Hello & Welcome :smiley:

Hornet might be OK, but you might want a fairing because of the longer stuff, in which case I would suggest a Thundercat or CBR 600F, or Kawasaki ZX6R (all makes the 99-01 models) Your height wont be an issue with them…and you can pick up some good examples for the money you are talking about…Some people like the naked bike look over the fairing, so matter of preference, ebay is always a fairly good place to browse…thundercat: examples of stuff I found in a few mins on the fleabay…just to show you the type of bikes your loking at,.

wow, thanks for the help with that, I understand the fairing issue would be helpfull for the long journeys.

Does a fly screen make much of a difference on long journeys? At the moment I would absolutely love a GSX-R600 2005 but what can you do. Im thinking about doing a part time job to help earn the cash for this as the GF wants me to save for a year of travelling with her.

Dunno about fly screen, might work a little with the wind blast, but wont even be close to a full fairing.

Good luck with the K5 GSXR600, need a bit more than 2grand… Although IMO, get an older one, and spend the cash on trackdays and extra tution, better way to spend your cash…

Hey Stan, welcome dude


Hello & Welcome :smiley: Can’t go wrong with either of those bikes start with!!!

My fly screen only keeps flies from hitting the back of the tacho - it does nothing else! :blink:

80mph is fun but tiring without a fairing. If you’re going to take a trip to Portsmouth, you’ll need a fairing.

And welcome!

Hi Stan

I guess its full fairings then.

Although on the Vespa i did Portsmouth to London to bring it up here, 80 miles an hour on a vespa on the A3 going down hill was an interesting experience. I might shock some people here but as I only have £2k i think i will wait a while and save some more, since my jobs doesnt pay a huge amount and living in london can be alot of fun but costly, I went to see a man about a part time job tonight. I might be delivering curries to your home soon. :smiley:

who cares though save the money quicker.

Again great warm welcome, Ive come over from BCF forum btw.

Curry, kooshty…NW1 in that catchment area? What other licences do you hold? HGV? Plenty of work in and out of Heathrow if you have! Good luck mate.

I work 9-6 in the events field, just looking to add some money to the bike fund without pissing of the gf by diverting from the deposit for a house fund :D:D

Hi Stan, welcome to LB :slight_smile:

What sort of events work?