Good to Bad

Hey guys ,

I posted up about some twat trying to break into my house on wednesday, played footie last night got elbowed in jaw , pulled muscle in back and driving to work this morning down dualcarrageway , 3 lanes i’m in the far left , white van in middle lane i’m side by side next thing he trys to pull into left lane nearly killed me I looked at the driver before he did make the move shaked my head and drove off what a annoying week. regarding the attempted break in , found out yday road in front of me house got broke into back garden alarm went off so they didn’t get anything , but my mum told me earlier there was these 2 teens about 18 standing in front of a house looking at a car , neighbour come out to see what they wanted they then asked for directions to the bus stop when told they went off in opposite direction weird hey…

Next week can`t get any worse than the last one.