Good "testing" roads in Surrey

Any thoughts?

I’ve got my bike back, complete with new roller tappets, having been without it since February. I’ve been riding an old 1150GS for nearly three months. And I want to blow the cobwebs out, and put the bike through its paces. So some fast roads and some significantly twisty bits would be good. I could steam off down the M23 to spin the motor up, but I fancy something more entertaining.

B2026 towards Brighton… Lovely length of road and went down to Brighton on it last weekend and was wonderful with a few nice views along the way! Wasn’t busy at all and mostly national speed limit!

a24 :slight_smile:

A25 from Guildford to Godstone then up through oxted
Pirbright bends near deepcut
Roads around normandy …in surrey yes !
Just avoid the 272 !.There are some right nutters on it .!

yes, leave the 272 alone.

Unless of course, you want to have some seriously good fun.

Careful of speed traps in Normandy.

As said, Pirbright bends are cracking and you can do the loop that brings you down in to Mychett. So you can just do laps!

A25 was A good call. Also had to go to see someone in Leatherhead so had a bit of a play on the A24 too. Hat the throttle pot reset yesterday, and the bike is now feeling like a real beast.