Good Roads in East London and further out

I live in Canning Town, but only just moved here, not sure of the roads around Essex and stuff, anyone got any recommendations of good roads near to me?


Essex is mostly good, avoid towns and you be happy.

Calimoto is a great sat nav app for finding fun routes, give that a shot.

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No doubt someone will pop up about the finchingfield / ongar roads. I’ve done then a couple of times and they were great, but always been led by someone so wouldn’t have a clue which ones they are

These routes around Essex should give you a good starting point:


id avoid Finchinfeild for a bit, the locals are getting quite annoyed at bikers taking over the place, particularly during covid.


I’ll be avoiding it for a long as time… No bike atm

Nice work Arthur

Avoid Maldon
noisy motorbikes wake me up

Avoid all the traditional motorbike routes , they all become busy in the summer & the police sit there waiting to issue speeding tickets like confetti to motorcyclists