Good place to order tyres

Hi all my fellow London Bikers full of wisdom…

Can you guys tell me where a good place to order tyres from both brand new and part worn.

Thanks in advance,

Essential rubber seem to be the favoured tyre boys around here …


I usually go to essential rubber I was just looking around to see if its cheaper ordering the tyres then getting them fitted because I’m so unlucky with punctures that I’m thing about going to part worns.

just try to avoid riding in the crap whilst filtering,industrial areas and building sites;)

I’ve been doing my best and so far in 4 years of riding I’ve finally used a complete tyre (kind of, it was on the bike when I got it). Its working so far avoiding the middle of the road etc but central london is one big building site so its hard. lol

Also on ebay you can get some pretty good and cheap part worns with 4 or 5mm tread for cheap. Its just the fitting. I know people are going to say go to the Oval but I’m not a fan of doing stuff for my bike… I like the piece of mind of a job well done.

Ended up getting some new Road Smarts and so far I think their great.