Good place to get your bike washed - Central London

So, feeling lazy to wash the bike, so I am looking to find somewhere central London that will do a good job… I recall somewhere near Westminister that a few poeple recommended…please advise again.

Do it yourself and then stand back and admire your hard work! :wink:

““Do it yourself and then stand back and admire your hard work! ;-)”” +1

How old are your kids Amit?

Haha nice one Jetstream.

It’s as cold as peak winter where I come from so I’m +1 for taking the bike somewhere for a wash, curious to hear reports. Life starts at 20c! :smiley:

I always get Pin to wash mine, you could try your luck!
Failing that 1+ for jets comment. Except my will make some teenage comment!
Or just leave till it warms up!

Aged 10 and 12… I am worried that they will take the bike for a spin … without me !

Mo Clean was probably the person you got recommended before. not sure if that’s still going though.

It was more a public car wash place that did bikes good too …

there is fine car wash in Canary Wharf that does bikes for £20, they washed mine really well. Here is their website:

Most hand car washed will do it for £5. I’ve used one in Clerkenwell and it was fine. I’ve also used others as I hate washing my bike but that’s the most central.

Just make sure those car wash places realise not to put tyre shine on your tyres, done it to a guy on here - if I remember correctly brake cleaner still didn’t get it off and he had to buy new tyres!.. They don’t even do cars properly, wouldn’t let them near my bike!

The Clerkenwell one is closed :frowning: I went to get mine done yesterday before I let her go.

Never wash your bike. I did it the other week and it stayed clean for less than a week.
3 days in, I had pigeon poo on the seat. 4th night the wind brought dust and the bike got covered!

If you do get it washed by a car wash, make sure they don’t jet wash it otherwise it’ll damage your chain, bearings and whatnot.

There’s a self jet wash at Vauxhall. Err, yes.