good news

Hey all,

Well, we just reccieved the papers back from the home office with the decision.

My baby got her Visa :hehe:. after this i dont think Maria will have any probs in the future. now she can stop temping & get a proper job.

Next step…marriage:D

Thanks to all those that helped & gave advice. also to those who never got back to us…lol


awesome :slight_smile:


Congrats mate, good to hear :smiley:

Very good news. :slight_smile:

Great news indeed :smiley:

Exellent new’s :smiley: here’s to a very happy future for you both:) Oh and she’d be silly not to marry you;)

That’s brilliant news mate:D

When I met you both at the Xmas do it was obvious that you guys are so in love… oh hang on, was that ginger?;):smiley:

Good to hear :smiley:

Top News :cool:

That is good news, and i’ll add some of my own. One of my best friends (alas he isn’t a biker), him and his wife are expecting. So happy for them!!!


Best news so far this year!

Sorry just had to share that with everyone.

congratulations Kempo :slight_smile:

More good news…Congrats mate.

who was i in love with lolgood new mate, so you gonna invite us to the wedding when you have one

Really good to hear Kempo :slight_smile:

Great news mate, wish you both a lovely future, without stupid Home Office worries.

Didn’t post on your original thread, as had nowt useful to say.



Real good news…we need some on here lately !! are we invited to the pre wedding drinks? :D:):smiley: