Good news!!

Well actually it’s better than that, but if I say what I want the mods’ll go balastic!

Yesterday I passed my big bike test, and today I passed my car test.

So watch out, I’m crazy and I’m out unattended!

Top Gun!


Well Done!

Ooh congratulations you briliiant woman…

Congrats girl! Well done indeed

Awesome stuff. Many, many congratulations. But you never stop learning, the more serious learning starts now that you have passed your test. Take it easy out there.

awesome, well done

oooo decisions decisions… bike/car/bike/car/bike/car/bike/car/bike/car/bike/car/ hmmm

Well done, do you have 6 wheels on your wagon now ?

Well done girlie!

Well done Jo, congratulations!! Hope to see you on two wheels of your own at Cubana sometime soon!

Wow well done you! Nice one

Yay! Great news, well done and enjoy!


well done!

good for you - fabulous!!

top banana JO!

Down the Cubana next week then ?


fantastic! Well done!

Only if I’ve got the 400 up and running, or if Dan gets his sorted out.

Great news Jo! Congratulations from me and Weaver