Good news on LB!

Nice story on News page about crims in Gloucester.

Lets have some more.

Nice to see someone is doing something. Not sure opportunist moped thieves are exactly what we have in mind for our London Constabulary to catch though. It would appear to be far more organised than just opportunists in Londonium. I do not suppose our friends in blue think its such a major event, but, for those of us who care and are affected whether it be personal or by contact with others, WE VERY MUCH DO CARE that something gets done.

Scooter thiefs are usually young boys looking either for fun or make a few quid. I would like to see the big fish being chased , the one who is buying our bikes from the sum bags, the one who is ‘ordering’ bikes, the one who is selling our bikes in bits… Then I will be happy, then i will really put my hands together for the police efforts… That’s a good begining though

Good stuff!!

Some of us do care.

I was always a biker before a copper so my views and values on motorcycling and the things that effect us are the same as yours.

I’m in a fortunate enough position though to be able to do something about Motorcycle theft and believe me i do…

But i’m a very small part in a big machine.

Unfortunately i have no say in what or how London bike theft is policed and i genuinely see the frustration in you all…

unfortunately autocrime in London covers all modes of transport and i suspect that most effort will be put into the main mode of transport, the car.

I’m not excusing efforts (or lack of) but i would imagine a lot of red tape is binding hands at the moment…

bloody annoying though.

Catching the buggers just isn’t enough. As it says in the story, “The 14 and 15 year olds from the Horfield area were arrested and one of them was reprimanded for theft.” Reprimand! thats someone standing there wagging their finger saying, “your a very naughty boy, don’t do it again”. What nasty little hoodie wearing chavy is going to take any notice of that, Lock em up! I bet the 17 year old got a fine and some community service God I hate all this pussy footing around, put the fear God up em!!!

Seriously though, we really do need stiffer sentencing for this sort of crime! Do you know why the bike manufacturers aren’t that interested in security? It because even though the UK has a big problem with bike theft, it only make up a very small part of the world market. They don’t have the same problems in the US. Over there if you steal a vehicle it’s Grand Theft Auto and they lock you up, job done!!

Anyway, enough of that. I’ve got to go look for the dummy I just spat out and tidy up all the teddies I threw out of the pram!

I say bring back the colonies!!! Not Austrialia, but some inhospitable island somewhere.

What, the Isle of Wight? Or perhaps you mean Iceland?