Good news...Cat is back....!!!

Rock on Ninja… Mo…she obviously ‘kicked arse’ and got out of dodgy flat… kind hearted cat lovers took her in and contacted RSPC …matched her… and boy was my wife happy when she came home to her beloved ‘Ninja baby’…(Andrew…there’s that bit of good news on the forum) and thank you all for the ‘positive’ thoughts etc Miffy…cheers…it worked!!

She looks crap and don’t think she has eaten for a week or so…but Gill bought her a new sparkly collar and stupidly expensive cat food…and I’ve got to say its very good to have her back in the house…

IF I ever find who took her…

Thanks again guys and girls…you never know who is an angel in disguise!!


Harrah! Well done Ninja. Told you she’d do it! ;D

Top news!

I said given a chance she’d go walkies!

Looks a cute cat! I’m well happy for you mate!

Great news! I know how you feel mate! Very cute cat

brilliant news. star treatment all the way!.

Didn’t some one on this very forum, confess to accidental cat napping last year ?

So glad you got your family member back.

Thats brilliant news fella!

Good news indeed ta mate!!

To show her appreciation has see just done two little whoopsies on that bench? LOL

Great news, bet you and your wife are well happy.

Go ninja… go ninja !!

Yayy!! … Great news!!

My cat dissappeared for a couple of weeks once. She came back looking very thin. We think she got herself shut in a shed or something.

Glad you got your hot water bottle substitute back. To catch the guys who catnapped her (and, no, I don’t think it was Tony, he was last seen playing with a rat-like creature in Soho on Friday), you may want to check the local hospitals, as Ninja no doubt fought her way out. Unless, of course, they were pirates in which case they’re on their way to the Caribbean already.

Thanks everyone…