good news and one for all bikers

I went to court today to defend my honour and my driving after the idiot police without proper investigation decided i had been speeding…and had been undertaking cars before my accident.The truth is out it was her fault, my witness said exactly what i said and her witness said a completely different story to her…they both lied and tried to say i had run into her by driving too fast…

She was the guilty party and I am exhonerated…my witness was incredulous that they had tried to blame me…he saw the whole thing and it was clear to him she caused the accident but they did not want to know his story…or the truth, just try and do the biker…guess they didnt expect me to employ the best motoring offence lawyers in the country…if any of you need to use them they are the best and they will uncover the truth and get past the lies and subterfuge that seems to be the process in courts these days.

Good outcome now I can chase her for full compensation…

Bloody good result. Screw them to the ground for compensation, you’ve had to put up with the results of her bad driving! Glad it worked out properly for you.

to be honest I feel more sorry for her…how sad to have to lie like that…she clearly has a job depending on the outcome of this case and I think she may be losing it because of this.

And I should not say the idiot police so sorry for that guys, but it was not properly investigated and it is clear that they just did not check the details at all…pretty unfair to just blame the biker…

nice one mate, well done, should have asked her if she wanted a lift to the dole office,

Sod her - she could have killed you. Excellent news.

Glad to hear that the truth came out mate.

Fantastic news - many congratulations, 2Strokes :smiley:

Well done for fighting and winning. :slight_smile:

What is the name of the lawyers you used would you let me know incase I have to use them. I’ve been falsely accused of a accident that took place last September. I was never there and I know they have the wrong vehicle. I am hoping that I have given them all the information they need but if that hasn’t worked I will need to try something else.



Fine result 2T. Shame they don’t nail her for purjury on top of everything else;)

Good news fella - and well done for fighting all the way !

PM me, they are not cheap but in my case I have 75% of the costs to be returned…so in the end very cheap…I will certainly be writing a testimonial for them to put on their web site and they really do know the law…and how to protect motorists…including bikers…If anyone has a case pending PM me and I will give details it really is worth giving them a call…

Excellent news! Now you can concentrate on your recovery. How’s that going, by the way?

Great news, with that and Ianvx posting once again, LB seems a happier place this morning.

I wouldn’t feel guilty, if she relies on her car for her job then she should have been a better driver, and then shouldn’t have lied to her insurance, and in court. She has made the situation far worse than it could have been, and now she will have to paid the price for that.

As the others have said you now only have to really worry about making a full recovery, the highland cattle, the bikes, the military vehicles, and the family. :smiley:

real real good…I can now slowly lower my arm and nearly hoild it at right angles…the deltoids we think are starting to work and the supra spinatus and Scapular muscles too but its very slow work

Diaphragm gone forever though and that is the bad part…

Great result 2strokes. Why not put something about the solicitors in the Praise section here?

Also, if she’d been driving like her job depended on it in the first place the accident may not have happened!!

Always remember the 7 P’s: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pee Poor Performance

That is superb news 2Stroke – really happy for you.

I lived in a Surrey village about 10 years ago where an entire family would put themselves forward as witnesses for anyone wishing to pay them the right amount of money. Absolutely appalling . . . but perhaps more appalling was the amount of nice middle-class individuals who took advantage of their services.

So glad you (and the truth) won through!

well done well happy for you…

as above though I would feel no sympathy for her with regards to the job she was the one that chose to lie not you or your witness she has bought this on herself mate…

Good Point and good idea…dont want to advertise on the forum but thats a damn good idea…

Nice to hear of a positive outcome. All the best for your recovery. :slight_smile: