Good Morrrrrning LB !!

I no this is not the right thread, but i am trying to start a new thread in the classifieds part, but where ever i press the new thread button, it just puts me back to the “General” forum list. HELP?

me too…my account wont let me do a thing !!!

Viral attack ??

No prob’s, i’m in no hurry to get anywhere - just always seem to get there fast?

I am only going to put a wanted sign for a screen for my bike!

You are soooo right about that Weaver!

Goooooooooood Maaawwwwwnin LB…

I had to “highjack” this post as I still dont have any facility to post new threads !!!

Major Probs in house there Jay ??..

Well…a good day tooooooday…as Im off work so anyone that is bored with the Job, The Boss, The Canteen or just plain sick of it…lets go !!!

PM and we,ll have a blast out to Lunch or something !!


Your post-action report made me smile Barro Here’s the one i’d be following like a lil’ puppy.



Dammmmmm lovely start to the day…I,ll have to ask Ravina is I can post a pic …just as hot !!!

(dont you dare tell me thats a bloke !!!

Christ Almighty, she is beautiful … and as Barro said, if that is a bloke then I guess I’ve turned !

Good morning LB I hope you all have a really really good day

Hurry up with the pic Barro. Not that I’m nosey or anything

ha ha ha ha ha …Im gonna get one…