Good Morning


so tired, eyes like **** holes in da snow…:wink:

oh good morning all!:slight_smile:


MORNING!!! ish:P

good brunch time

powerpuffgirl (03/07/2008)

Your friendly neighbourhood compliance officer :stuck_out_tongue: (kinda aimed at Chenster ;))[/quote]15 minutes til the US employment data…15 minutes to get back flat OR 15 minutes til i take the walk of shame…

I hope its not that bad dude? :frowning: If youre a little long, itll be better than being a little short :w00t:

well ‘thankfully’ the Euro and Cable went down like an old man in the snow…makes a terrible day just a not so good day. 4th July tomorrow so can feel a LOOOOOONNNGGG lunch.Are you at Calyon PPG?

lol - what about Yoo-row-dollarz? :slight_smile: best not follow through with that Yard I had planned, eh… (as if)…Nice that youre keeping it market and not specific, though, good boy :Dah yes, freedom from the opressors - or is it freedom from the overweight chavs? cause to celebrate at both sides of the pond, no doubt.I may be…I know where you are - and this confirms it: UCO01***…be very afraid :stuck_out_tongue:

freedom from losing money hopefully…hehehe

See Chenster

Savvy and hotpants to die for;):smiley:


Afternoon all… :smiley:

Chenster, stay away from the window’s dude!!! :stuck_out_tongue: